In the afternoon, October 3, 2019, the General Statistics Office received and worked with the Mission of ILO led by Ms. Rie Vejs Kjeldgaard – Director of the Department of Partnerships and Field Support of the ILO. Mr. Nguyen Bich Lam – Director General of GSO chaired the reception. Attending this event were representatives of leaders and specialists of relevant units under the GSO.

Over the past 12 years, the ILO’s support and cooperation with the GSO have been effectively implemented and recorded significant achievements. The ILO has provided the GSO with the support to improve the statistics on labor and employment, apply the world statistical standards to ensure international comparability. As a result, the statistics on labor and employment are increasingly improved and highly appreciated by ILO as well as international organizations in terms of statistical information quality. However, there are still fairly complex labor and employment statistics that need more time and effort to be improved. Other agencies and organizations in Vietnam also need the support of ILO to develop a sustainable information provision network in order to ensure good quality information.

At the reception, the GSO offered some proposals and expressed the wish that ILO would continue support them in the implementation of these proposals in the coming time, specifically: (1) Supporting to enhance the capacity of survey data analysis for Vietnam’s statistics officials; (2) Supporting the development of in-depth reports on employment and employment; (3) Technical assistance in collecting information to measure the sustainable development indicator (SDG indicator) 10.7.1: “Recruitment cost borne by an employee as a proportion of monthly income earned in country of destination” covering all international migrant workers; (4) Supporting the design of a 10-year labor and employment survey sample from the sample frame of the 2019 Population and Housing Census; (5) Supporting the development of a report to assess sustainable development goals regarding labor and employment.

The ILO representative recorded the GSOs proposals and pledged to continue to coordinate with and support the GSO in statistical activities, especially in the labor and employment statistics.